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Case clinics

Case Notes

Optimum Re takes pride in our Underwriter’s expertise when reviewing cases. Below are Case Clinics where our underwriters talk through cases that could have multiple solutions.

Case Notes -Diabetes - 47F $1M

Marc Tchitembo, Larry Demshar, Richard Camire

Case Notes - Diabetes with abnormal Echo - 51M $500k

Larisa Emes, Richard Camire, Lisa Burger

Case Notes - Asthma - 69M $250k

La'Tia Tillman, Kevin Cheng, Lisa Burger

Case Notes - Asthma and COPD - 53F $1M

Jill Thompson, Anastasia Jaegerman, Lisa Burger

Case Notes - OSA and Asthma - 33F $200k

Kevin Cheng, Jill Thompson, Lisa Burger

Case Notes- OSA with UPPP

Larry Demshar, La'Tia Tillman, Anastasia Jaegerman

Case Notes - NT proBNP

Richard Camire, La'Tia Tillman

Case Notes - CAD

Jill Thompson, Richard Camire

Case Notes - CACS

Kevin Cheng, Lisa Burger

Farm Valuation

Kevin Cheng, Lisa Burger

Business Financials

Lisa Burger, Richard Camire

Clinical case

Sleep Apnea

Richard Camire, Kevin Cheng, Jill Thompson

Clinical case

History of Prostate Cancer

Dave Barrett, Richard Camire, Anastasia Jaegerman

Clinical case


Dave Barrett, Anastasia Jaegerman, Jill Thompson

Clinical case

History of Heart Disease with a High Amount

Dave Barrett

Clinical case

History of Drug Use

Kevin Cheng, Anastasia Jaegerman, Jill Thompson

Clinical case

Mild Pulmonary Hypertension

Dave Barrett, Richard Camire, Jill Thompson

Clinical case

Elevated A1C

Dave Barrett, Kevin Cheng, Jill Thompson

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