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By building successful partnerships, Optimum Re has maintained steady growth and profitability, earning a solid reputation as a reinsurer that provides efficient and professional client service.

Optimum Re offers reinsurance solutions, competitive pricing, full underwriting services, research & development and an individual record administration system which enhances its risk management services for Life, Critical Illness and supplemental products.

Year after year, we continue to successfully expand our presence in the market through organic growth, block acquisitions, and personalized solutions tailored to increase growth for our clients.


In the early years our focus on serving the smaller insurance companies and fraternals brought
reinsurance support and much-needed expertise to this market segment, laying the foundation
for our subsequent expansion into the large company marketplace. 

Optimum remains committed to new markets, profitable growth for our clients and to providing
new capacity and expertise to client companies.

Optimum Re provides high value client support across every facet of insurance product
development and management:

7 - Claims

  • Claim forms designed and reviewed
  • Prompt claim processing
  • Assistance in claim review and analysis
  • Assistance with special benefit claims
  • Experience with "Accelerated Living Benefit" Claims
  • Critical Illness claims training and support

Why Optimum Re?

  • Reinsurance and
  • "Fresh" capacity,
    reinsurance risk diversification, Jumbo
    case support.
  • Pioneer and leader in
    Critical Illness
  • Full underwriting services,
    Fac cases, no minimum
  • Underwriting Seminars –
    fully subscribed, "rave"
  • Web-based Life and CI
    Underwriting Manuals
  • Sophisticated
    administration - >
    information and reporting

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