The Optimum Re Advantage

Since 1987, our company has been serving the US reinsurance marketplace. Throughout the
years, Optimum Re has maintained steady growth and profitability, earning a solid reputation as a reinsurer that provides efficient and professional client service.

Optimum Re offers reinsurance solutions, competitive pricing, full underwriting services, research & development and an individual record administration system which enhances its risk management services for Life, Critical Illness and supplemental products. Year after year, we continue to successfully expand our presence in the market through organic growth, block acquisitions, and personalized solutions tailored to increase growth for our clients.

We are recognized for our client focus, our service, and delivery. We take pride in our
client relationships, and provide our clients with expertise and insight.  Optimum Re brings
expertise as well as reinsurance support to the smaller insurance companies and fraternals. 

  • Optimum Re brings expertise as well as reinsurance support to the smaller
    insurance companies and fraternals.
  • For large companies, Optimum Re represents "fresh" capacity and the opportunity to diversify
    their reinsurance risk and help cover Jumbo cases.
  • Optimum Re is a leader in the US Critical Illness marketplace.
  • Optimum Re provides full underwriting services including facultative underwriting with no
    minimum cession size.
  • The Optimum Re Annual Underwriting Seminar is so highly regarded that it fills to capacity
    almost as soon as it is announced.
  • Optimum Re's Web-based Life and Critical illness Underwriting Manuals feature current,
    relevant medical content and user-friendly access.
  • Optimum Re has sophisticated administration systems providing our clients with valuable
    information about their reinsured business in addition to quality reinsurance reporting.

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