Financial Letters

This section includes our financial letters.
This document (spring) is a summary of financial results at
Optimum Re Insurance Company.


2015 Financial Letter
(Spring 2016)
2014 Financial Letter
(Spring 2015)
2013 Financial Letter
(Spring 2014)
2012 Financial Letter
(Spring 2013)
2011 Financial Letter
(Spring 2012)


Why Optimum Re?

  • Reinsurance and
  • "Fresh" capacity,
    reinsurance risk diversification, Jumbo
    case support.
  • Pioneer and leader in
    Critical Illness
  • Full underwriting services,
    Fac cases, no minimum
  • Underwriting Seminars –
    fully subscribed, "rave"
  • Web-based Life and CI
    Underwriting Manuals
  • Sophisticated
    administration - >
    information and reporting