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Case Clinics

Optimum Re takes pride in our Underwriter's expertise when reviewing cases. Below are Case Clinics where our underwriters talk through cases that could have multiple solutions. 


   Sleep Apnea

   Richard Camire, Kevin Cheng, Jill Thompson


   History of Prostate Cancer

   Dave Barrett, Richard Camire, Anastasia            Jaegerman



   Dave Barrett, Anastasia Jaegerman, Jill             Thompson


   History of Heart Disease with a High Face           Amount

   Dave Barrett


   History of Drug Use

   Kevin Cheng, Anastasia Jaegerman, Jill             Thompson


   Mild Pulmonary Hypertension

   Dave Barrett, Richard Camire, Jill Thompson


   Elevated A1C

   Dave Barrett, Kevin Cheng, Jill Thompson


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